Graduation film of Patrick Duijndam and Aron van Blooijs.

In a time of hustle, emerging cities and high expectation, more and more people venture into the wilderness to find their peace, but also looking for the meaning of life. Just like in the Romantic period, there is a desire for discovery and longing for real nature among a movement of creative people: New Outdoor Creativity. Romantic painter Thomas Cole made a series of paintings in 1842, in which a man’s journey through nature can be seen as a metaphor for the journey that men makes through life. In this piece, filmmakers Patrick Duijndam and Aron van Blooijs, along with songwriter Daan van Haren, pay tribute to Thomas Cole and his series of paintings. The result of their trip through the Isle of Skye, Scotland, is a music-video that will surely please adventurers, travel enthusiasts and lovers of good music.

CO-CREATOR: Aron van Blooijs